Core values of the enterprise

Based on good faith and innovation

Adhere to the basic principle of "good faith is the basis of all economic activities", and be brave in innovation and forge ahead. "The running water is not rotten, the hinge of the household is not broken", and constant innovation and transcendence are the main melody of the company's future development.

Corporate mission:

inherit the spirit of the Silk Road, help the energy industry, and achieve the value of employees

"One belt, one road" is built by the new silk road. It contains the spirit of "peace, cooperation, openness, tolerance, mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win" Silk Road spirit, actively upgrading and optimizing the industrial structure, helping to transform the old and new energy, insisting on "ecological priority and green development", guiding employees and enterprises to develop together, sharing weal and woe, bringing together the future value of employees.

Enterprise spirit:

pragmatic and efficient, dare to be the first

Pragmatism is the guidance of enterprise spirit, and efficiency is the work style of enterprise. The new silk road pays attention to "no false words, no floating skills, no Chinese names, no false things", emphasizes "strong implementation, efficient work", and emphasizes effectiveness and integrity! Always keep the spirit of daring to try, the ambition of being the first, the courage to face difficulties, the spirit of innovation and vitality.

Enterprise vision:

To build an international energy group with outstanding competitive advantages

As a central enterprise, New Silk Road, with the goal of strengthening and optimizing, comprehensively promotes the development of bulk trade, ecological agriculture and intelligent manufacturing industry, speeds up the cultivation of world-class energy groups with global competitiveness, creates a comprehensive energy group with strong scale, outstanding synergy advantages and reasonable industrial structure, and effectively improves its voice and influence in the international energy market.

Team spirit:

tolerance, mutual assistance, love for family, sharing and mutual benefit

Warm people's hearts, gather people's minds, and create "human harmony". Build a team spirit of one heart and one mind. In this work environment and atmosphere of "tolerance, mutual assistance and love for home", the attitude of "sharing, common progress and win-win" in the group can be forged, and the employees' open-minded mood and quality of "confident and calm" can be determined.

Talent view:

having both ability and morality, taking morality as the first, gathering talents to educate talents and making the best of talents

While building an international group and creating social value, New Silk Road adheres to the principle of people-oriented, upholds the concept of creating a "high, precise and sharp" professional team, selects and employs people based on morality, promotes talents based on morality, and cultivates morality based on talents. By improving the quality of talents, we can build a talent structure with both ability and morality. At the same time, the company pays attention to the cultivation of innovative and professional talents, and constantly develops and strengthens the talent team, so as to increase the potential for the sustainable development of the enterprise. Let the people who want to do things have the opportunity, the people who can do things have the stage, provide a platform to adapt to the healthy development of employees, and realize the life value of employees.

Business philosophy:

Integrity builds silk road brand

Risk control grasps financial risks

Implement and consolidate business closed-loop

Innovation drives company development