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      In order to effectively promote the transformation of new and old driving forces and upgrading of industrial structure in Shandong Province, implement the policy of national military civilian integration, and actively respond to the 13th five year plan for energy development According to the requirements of the plan, Zhongtou Taihua Group and 514 Institute of China Aerospace Science and technology group have carried out cooperation projects related to the new energy industry chain and the construction of Aerospace Science and technology new energy industry park. They have carried out in-depth cooperation in the field of LNG (liquefied natural gas) trade, vigorously developed LNG supporting warehousing and logistics services, and in LNG trade, warehousing and transportation, clean energy equipment manufacturing and supporting facilities Carry out practical strategic cooperation and business contacts in service and other aspects. The technical level and intelligent manufacturing automation level of the products of the cooperation project have reached the first-class level in the world. While providing the equipment products of the whole industry chain of clean energy, it also drives the development of supporting industries in the project landing area.
      The Fifth Academy of aerospace provides mature thermal insulation technology, remote sensing technology and product manufacturing process technology for the project products, so that the thermal insulation technology and performance of the products can reach the first-class domestic and international leading level, greatly reducing the loss of the products in the use process and real-time monitoring the operation status of the products, so that the product users can realize the product transportation Information operation management of the bank. Within the scope of clean energy equipment manufacturing, the two sides will carry out a series of strategic cooperation around LNG and its supporting industries, and carry out landing cooperation on Intelligent ultra-low temperature insulation equipment manufacturing, ultra-low temperature LNG logistics, intelligent monitoring system manufacturing, intelligent ultra-low temperature LNG gasification station construction, LNG clean energy trade and other projects. At present, the two sides have successively established production and manufacturing enterprises in Shandong, Jiangsu, Hebei and other places, and held a very grand commencement ceremony in Tangshan Haigang Economic Development Zone, supporting the production of LNG project with vertical and horizontal low-temperature transport tanks, non pipe network transport supporting equipment and other large and medium-sized pressure vessels. We will steadily promote the transformation of new and old energy sources and the application of clean energy.

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